Installation and configuration

Step 1: Install Java Development Kit

psychWithJava requires Java Development Kit (JDK) version 5.0 or above. The propriety version is available from (Follow the link to download Java SE). Another option is using the open source Java Development Kit openJDK available at
  • Linux: Please consult your distribution's documents. Usually major linux distributions pack openJDK in their releases. A sample propreity JDK installation on Fedora 7 is here.
  • Mac OS X: Latest JDK version for Mac OS X can be found at
  • MS Windows: There are no special instructions for Windows installation.

Step 2: Dowload the psychWithJava package

Download psychWithJava.jar and save it on your filesystem. The exact location does not matter.

Step 3: Setup your OS and/or development platform

Depending on your preferences, choose one of the following:

Next Step: Create and run java projects

Now you are ready to test your installation. For this you can try the HelloPsychophysicist example.