Orientation discrimination

This example shows how to implement an alternative forced choice task with method of constant stimuli.


This program opens a Full Screen Exclusive Mode Window and in each trial displays a Gabor patch at the center of the screen. The observer is required to indicate whether the Gabor is left- or right-oblique.

Precompiled program

Precompiled program is in OrientationDiscrimination.jar, which is a self running file. You can run it directly from your browser. Alternatively, you can save the file on your local disk and run it with a mouse click or you can run it from a terminal (MS DOS prompt in MS Windows) with the command java -jar OrientationDiscrimination.jar. Note that running the jar file doesn't require installing the psychWithJava package.

Files needed to build the project

Building and running the project

See HelloPsychophysicist for instructions on how to build and run java projects.